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Miracle League
May 13

Join us to buddy up with an awesome kid that just wants to play baseball regardless of their physical or mental challenge.

Thank you for giving our players with special needs the opportunity to participate in a great game of baseball. Below is your scheduled date and time with the minimum number of volunteers expected.

Saturday, May 13th  - 3011 Queensland Rd., Raleigh; near the Living Arts College

11:00-2:00 – Kiwanis Club of Raleigh (15-20)

Important information you need to know:

  1. About 2 weeks before your date of service you will receive a shift reminder. Your final volunteer count will be due the Monday before your shift.

  2. Volunteers coming with your group should NOT sign up online with Miracle League for this shift. Sign up below.

  3. Click on the following links for Registration Forms and Buddy Tips to share with your group.

  4. Please remember all volunteers must be 12 yrs. or older to participate.

  5. Buddy Training will take place at the start of your shift.

  6. To help recruit volunteers, we encourage you to share this video link.

  7. To get an idea of what you are doing on gameday, please watch this video

We don’t want any of our players left on the bench so if you are unable to fulfill your commitment above, please notify us as soon as possible. 

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